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All you need to know about Android emulators for gaming.

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emuladores Android para juegos

Surely you are tired of not being able to have your favorite games on the device you want, because they are not compatible. In this article we explain all the details of the reasons why this happens and we give you step by step how to solve it.

What is an emulator?

To know the details of Android emulators for games, let’s start by defining what an emulator is.

It consists of software designed to run programs on an operating system other than the one that was originally created, through the development of a virtual platform.

This means that you will be able to open any program you need on your PC, laptop or tablets, even if the operating system of both is completely different.

What are the characteristics of an emulator?

One of its main features is creating the ideal situation for executing a program that has been designed for platforms other than the one the computer has.

Consequently, an emulator allows the following:

Perform software testing of different computing platforms.
Run programs on old computers.
Play platform games on a PC, laptop or tablet.

In practice, emulators are used to test a program from another operating system. For example, Windows programs on Linux system (or Linux on Windows), or Mac programs on Windows.

Android Emulators for Games.

Many games were created to be executed with a specific program. That means that if you want to play your favorite console video game on your PC, laptop or tablet, it will be impossible for you.

The solution is the use of Android emulators for games, especially in the case of old games or different platforms. To do «the transformation», a file called ROM is used.

What are its benefits?

If you are a video game lover, the greatest benefit of Android emulators for games is that you can have the one you want on your PC, laptop or tablet, in a very particular way.

Regarding the gaming experience, some emulators will surprise you with their multiple benefits, such as the touch screen simulation through keyboard mapping. They can also simulate tilt.

In relation to functionality, you can configure different parameters, as well as have several versions of Android.

And if you have a large computer, you can run multiple instances (such as create, delete, clone, or run) at the same time.

How are they installed?

Currently, there are many Android emulators on the market for games, depending on the consoles (some apply to all).

There are some that offer you the ease of downloading them from the internet like any application and installing it on your computer like a normal program. However, others require certain specific knowledge (ROMs and BIOS).

In Memu play full tutorial, you can get more details about installation, benefits and how to use.
The best news is that there are many free ones, so you don’t have to worry about money.

You already know, if you are a video game lover, don’t waste any more time. Take advantage of the advantages offered by this technology. Easily install your Android emulator for gaming on your computer, tablet, or laptop.

Find the list of your video games, buy your favorite drink, order pizza at home, call your friends and start the fun. And if you prefer to play alone, even better!

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