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List of the 10 Emerging Technologies for 2019. According to Bill Gates.

The future is wonderful and exciting. And Bill Gates wants to continue fighting for the best future of all. Where we can live, feed ourselves in the best way and share with people. We show you the ones that are for Bill Gates 10 Emerging Technologies for 2019.

According to Gates, these technologies will be developed during 2019 and he hopes that by 2039 neither climate change nor fighting diseases will be a problem. For Bill, it will be a future worth working for.

The list of these new technologies for 2019 has been presented through an article in the MIT Technology Review.

10 Emerging Technologies for 2019. Bill Gates.

It is worth mentioning the importance of technology that has the power to create meat that is not meat. In other words, it is a meat that uses proteins from peas, soy, wheat, potatoes and vegetable oils.

This technology will save the lives of animals, as well as improve people’s health. It will be an artificial meat that will control and exponentially improve the balance of nutrients.

Robotic prowess

Based on trial and error, robots will be able to perform complex tasks through their virtual models.

The new wave of nuclear energy.

The new and better designs of nuclear reactors are allowing new and better sources of energy to be obtained, in addition to being safer and cheaper.

Preterm birth prediction.

Approximately 10% of babies are born prematurely. Then with the free RNA that runs through the mother’s blood, it will be possible to identify which women are at risk of premature birth.

The capsule containing an intestinal tube.

Without any danger, this device can be kept in the intestine, with the aim of sending images to the doctor of how your body is working.

Personalized cancer vaccines.

A treatment that stimulates the immune system of people, in this way it will be possible to fight with the tumor in a more precise way.

The cow burger without a cow.

A vegetable or artificial hamburger capable of simulating the taste of animal or beef meat. A meat that uses proteins from pea, soy, wheat, potatoes and vegetable oils.

Carbon dioxide traps.

Dealing with climate change is not an easy thing. However, it is becoming cheaper to create elements that reduce the problem of climate change.

An electrocardiogram on the wrist.

An electrocardiogram on the wrist.

Toilets without sewer

With these toilets or toilets, diarrhea and cholera can be combated. These diseases are exposed by dumping fecal material into nearby ponds and dumps.

AI assistants that speak almost like humans

These assistants will be very important to deal with meeting notes, responding to emails and shopping online.