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Top 10 of the best and most incredible Smart Watches in the World

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Desktop computers, PCs and smartphones are very useful in our daily lives. However, with the arrival of Smart Watches, everything is much easier. So, we show you the best smart watches in the world.

Every smart watch gives you amazing features. The most common, in each of the watches, is that they are especially for health care, sports, and with some other amazing functions.

Another important feature of each of the phones is that they are compatible with smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. Some other, is compatible with Windows Phone.

Best Smart Watches in the world

If you have any of these smart Smart Watches, leave us your comment if it is worth buying.

1) Garmin Fenix 5

This is one of the most modern sports watches on the market. It is packed with a host of features for running, cycling, swimming, golfing, and even skydiving.

The device is equipped with a pulse meter, an altimeter, a barometric, an electronic compass, an accelerometer and speed sensors. In addition to keeping track of your lifestyle.

The device offers the user the possibility to control his smart home, that is to say to regulate the lighting, control the television, the kitchen appliances and other things.

The Fenix 5 is perfect for building a pre-planned route in a new location. The device is compatible with android and IOS smartphones.

2) Apple Watch series 2

With the launch of the series 2 Apple focused on health and fitness, added a GPS module, as well as a number of features to accurately track physical activity without the need to connect the iPhone.

The Apple Watch series 2 is waterproof and offers a wide range of tracking both in water and on land, the device is equipped with a pulse meter, accelerometer, gyroscope and light sensor.

The autonomous work of the gadget is enough for 18 hours despite the fact that these watches are not the last in the Apple watch line, they still deserve our attention.

3) Polar M600.

The watch on this model offers its own fitness app. It also has GPS, it is also waterproof, very strong and ideal for athletes.

The fleece M600 has a button for the special Polar Flow app that allows you to track running and training.

The gadget tracks your physical activity 24 days a week by monitoring the number of calories, sleep, distance traveled, speed and distance.

4) Pebble 2

The Pebble 2 smartwatches, despite not being packed with smart features, are a cheap invention and a good option to try similar devices for the first time.

The watch is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The gadget has a black and white LCD screen with a Led backlight and the battery can work autonomously for 7 to 10 days depending on the intensity of use.

5) Tag heuer connected

The connected smartwatch created by Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is an expensive Android Wear device that performs well and offers long battery life. Android Wear allows smartwatches to connect to your smartphone and display all incoming notifications, the number of steps you’ve taken, and other information.

There are currently around 8,000 apps for this watch but they all basically function as a second screen.

For the phone the watch has a 15-inch round touch screen with a bright and sharp sapphire crystal display that allows you to work in direct sunlight, there is the ability to adjust the brightness and unlike the Apple Watch, these watches they have a little trick, they always stay on by switching to low power mode, while apps or maps are running in the background.

6) Sony SmartWatch 3

It is a gadget that has integrated GPS connection technology that allows you to leave your smartphone at home while you go for a run. Unlike other smartwatches that generally rely on wireless charging, the Smart Watch 3 can be charged using a conventional micro USB cable.

This means that wherever you are, there is a way to charge your watch if needed. One of the main functions is that of a fitness tracker, which makes this watch perfect for runners. Also, the watch is moisture resistance and has a nice battery life.

7) Huawei Watch 2

They are watches that are specially made for athletes, since they offer a wide variety of sensors and even an additional slot for the Sim card.

Second generation smart watches include two completely different devices than the classic version, it is made of metal and leather. While the sports version has a metal case and a silicone strap.

The Huawei Watch 2 is equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor with LTE support and protection against moisture and dust. An important feature of sports activity tracking is the ability to monitor steps and measure heart rate. The device is compatible with such Android and iOS smartphones.

8) Ticwatch 2

It is a watch which is equipped with a full round oled screen, heart rate monitor, step counter and GPS. The case is made of metal and the 20-millimeter straps are interchangeable.

On one side of the gadget there is a button and on the other a Touch Panel, using your finger you can zoom, scroll through the menu or adjust the sound volume.

The technology is similar to the spinning wheel on the Apple Watch, there is also a built-in speaker to communicate by phone, receive sound notifications or record text by voice. The battery should be enough for a day’s work and the watch charges on a magnetic platform.

The watch works with iOS and android smartphones, but the latter supports more functions. Since it shows notifications, you can send quick responses, it allows you to manage music, perform searches.

By voice and track physical activity. The ticwatch 2 comes in four colors with various types of straps, silicone, leather and metal.

9) Samsung Gear S3

It is a very excellent and practical smart watch. It has an assistant for those who lead an active lifestyle, the gadget allows you to quickly view alerts, send a message, accept or reject a call without being distracted from the main occupation. The watch model is compatible with smartphones with android and iOS operating systems

The watch is also equipped with a screen that is always on, the clear and contrast screen allows you to conveniently view your mail, read messages and make necessary interface settings.

The Samsung Gear S3 watch has a built-in GPS receiver that will help you navigate in an unfamiliar city, quickly find the right place and track the distance you travel so you can count the kilometers traveled and calories burned.

The casing of the model is made of strong and durable steel, in addition the gadget is equipped with a 380 milliamp hour battery, which allows four days of work without recharging.

10) Zeblaze THOR

It externally resembles a sports watch for young people as evidenced by the style of the device and a number of design solutions using rubber construction elements.

The watch has a round amoled system with a diameter of 14 inches and a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels covered with a protective glass gorilla glass 3.

The Zeblaze THOR also has GPS and a heart rate sensor made by Samsung, the wireless connection is provided by integrated bluetooth 4.0 modules the software function in THOR is performed by modified android 5.1 Lollipop platform with a user interface to adapt the system operative to the size of the screen.