know those 5 questions you should ask yourself before making a marketing contract.

Who should be my first marketing hire?

When I enter this field as CMO of Fuel, I remember that one of the first questions they asked me and with good reason was; The first marketer had a great impact on the dynamics of the team, and in terms of the direction of strategies on the brand, the company and the product.

In the last decades, what is the markrting function has expanded in a great way. And according to these innovations, new questions and ideas are always generated: many of these questions are, Should I hire a brand that is growing? A scientific or creative marketer?

In the past, marketing was handled in a very limited and almost non-existent way, it was adjusted according to that need. But at present this world has advanced in a very increasing way in the technological environment, the way of advance is so evident that technology is reaching everywhere and customers have grown notably in marketing.
Today there are many companies that already use a markting department and in turn share different roles to unify goals and objectives that are proposed in each company.

Here we show you some of those marketing stages when it is starting:

Brand Marketing:

a brand strategy is based on it, the positioning that said product must have, how the messaging should be handled, the experience that must be had with the public, the events that must be present and the community with which we have.

Product Marketing:

a website is required, work with email marketing, customer advice, price management.


establish well-defined and dynamic public relationships, work with content marketing, be active on social media, manage good leadership, and be an influencer.

Growth Marketing:

You must handle direct responses that are paid, have a good funnel optimizer, properly manage retention, adequate engagement with customers, handle word of mouth, practice SEO.

Have you gotten involved with a talented person or agency to attract and keep more users?

We can say that there are many people who can properly manage the marketing department; But we must bear in mind that there are various skills and a track record to excel in the marketing world. The reality is that you must excel in knowing the skills to be successful in brand marketing or growth marketing.

So who do you hire first?

The moment you find a brilliant person in this field, you must hire him as you generally do in order to observe his performance in the operation of the marketing department and adapt to his performance and modality. Someone smart, cunning, and super fighter who understands how to experiment across all marketing channels to find the right mix.

This person in charge of marketing development must provide deep and creative experiences where he can maximize the operation of marketing: which is the brand, the product, growth and communication. Before making the contract for this person, they must make a priority plan in order to know who we could hire and who can meet the necessary requirements.

To find out which skill set you need most internally, consider these five questions:

What marketing channels have been successful to date?


If in your company you have carried out some marketing experiments before, those results could be analyzed to know what you really need for your brand in this way you could demonstrate in an efficient way what you can get, the conversation that you must raise, the participation that you must teenr with clients. You must be clear about what you want and what can help you achieve your goals.

How can you get the target customers?

You should know how customers have looked for you if you have been recommended by a friend or if the person has come to you through organic search through google (that is, by positioning).
First of all, our recommendation is to start naturally. start through word of mouth, start growth marketing and finally optimize your image with SEO and SEM.

Do you know the competitiveness of the market?

You must know what is the level of competition in which you are facing? know if there are relatively strong brands at the level you are? know if those brands have infinite marketing budgets? When answering all these questions you should focus on creating very effective campaigns between the product and the customer.


The fundamental role of Trust?

In the commercial world it is essential to generate a pleasant trust with the client since that gives hierarchy to your brand, and the clients day by day become more demanding.
you must rise every day to exceed customer expectations. we are in a challenging world in marketing.