The Baylor Online MBA and Executive MBA Programs Offer a New Concentration in global trade and supply chain management.

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From recent ransomware attacks to the COVID-19 pandemic, complex supply chains have faced significant disruptions, while today’s business leaders stay one step ahead of maintaining a sustainable supply chain ecosystem.

To help supply chain managers effectively navigate these risks and disruptions while keeping the end-to-end supply chain running smoothly, the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University has added a new concentration on Global Trade and Supply Chain Management starting this fall in its national Baylor rankings. Online MBA and Baylor Executive MBA programs in Dallas and Austin.

Taught by the Baylor Business School, students in the online MBA and EMBA programs will focus on:

    • It is necessary to evaluate certain criteria from end to end according to a supply chain, according to the acquisition of material until the delivery of the final product is achieved.
    • certain risks and potential disruptions need to be properly managed while maintaining an applicable tangible supply chain, creating a triple bottom line approach
    • being necessary that those in charge must take into account certain complexities of the requirements that are used by regulation for import and export and what can affect the generalized commercial work.
    • For people who are in charge of different business areas, it is necessary that he can identify opportunities to improve actions within the supply chain or commercial functions, in which it is necessary to use metrics that help us in the control panel of balance.

Importance of managing.

“The importance of effectively managing supply chains has never been more important than in today’s globally connected business environment. This was demonstrated over the past year when experts in the healthcare supply chain faced significant pressure to source and distribute essential medical supplies for COVID-19 and; more recently; in the widespread distribution of vaccines, ”said Tim Kayworth, Ph.D., professor of information. of systems and associate dean for graduate programs in business.

“The new concentration in Global Trade and Supply Chain Management will prepare students to deal with the logistical; legal and geopolitical complexities of managing globally connected supply chains to ensure the efficient flow of goods and services between dispersed trading partners. globally.


With this collection of information, Baylor online MBA students will be able to learn how to analyze certain business compliance procedures and thus learn about the development of effective supply chain processes and be able to acquire expected and necessary results for companies.

These students must acquire certain knowledge on how to carry out the operational processes of the companies and in turn how to measure and analyze these aspects; taking into account the importance of making decisions that revolve around the planning established to achieve the objectives set. .

In addition to developing the skills of a business leader in leadership; critical thinking; and business approaches with global travel, Baylor EMBA students in Dallas and Baylor EMBA students in Austin majoring in International Trade and Supply Chain Management will combine skills and data analysis to identify improvements. opportunities and assess end-to-end components of a supply chain.

The Baylor OMBA and EMBA programs offer strategic concentrations in cybersecurity; executive communication; and marketing; while the EMBA programs also provide a health care management concentration.

More information about the Baylor OMBA and EMBA programs in Dallas and Austin; including the Fall 2021 application process; is available on the Baylor MBA website.


Baylor University is said to be a distinctly Christian institution of a private nature, which makes it a highly rated national university. This university offers a number of people with very positive vibes with which it has more than 19,000 students; a figure that makes it higher than many where they can combine discipline and knowledge showing a commitment to teaching and evolution. It was founded in 1845 by the Republic of Texas based on the efforts of the Baptist pioneers; this institution is one of the oldest in texas.


it is reported that at Baylor University Hankamer School of Business; the study plan makes an effective combination of the learning that can be had in the classroom; the experience that is obtained in daily practice; and participation in the real world; based on the foundations of Christian values and observing global life. undergraduate students will have the power to choose between 16 main areas of study. Certain students choose from among full-time executives among other programs planned for the intellectual development of the participants. and thus obtain an impeccable formation.