Ethereum (ETH), cryptocurrency

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Eth, is the cryptocurrency with which smart contract transactions are made within the Ethereum system. This platform allows its users to generate contracts for different purposes, without any kind of intermediary. When the contracts are executed, the payment method is carried out as a current cryptocurrency transaction under the Blockchain parameters.

ETH, is a cryptocurrency that currently exceeds the value of 2,500 USD per monetary unit, that is, 1 ETH> 2,500 USD. This cryptocurrency has an extremely high value, occupying the second position after Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin. ETH, allows to be mined infinitely, except for an annual limit clause. Allowing the creation of monetary units of ETH infinitely.

Currently ETH, through its Ethereum platform, is an interesting technology that is revolutionizing the operation of many industries, causing an unprecedented positive economic impact.
In the finance sector, DI-FI (Decentralized Finance), is a technique that is being successful on this platform because it applies transactions free of taxes, intermediaries or other types of payment that must be applied to carry out a transaction of this nature.

This cryptocurrency is new and is handled from a different perspective than the others. It has a lot of volatility and inflation. The infinite mining allowance makes many people suspicious of the profitability of this coin.
It should also be noted that, despite its possible flaws, since its creation, its value has increased and this aspect is positive for its users.

In conclusion, if you are a person who needs to generate or obtain some kind of contract and you want to avoid traditional tax processes, as well as some additional payment. Ethereum and its ETH payment system is your best option.

Ethereum, what is it? and how it works?

Ethereum opens its doors to the digital market in 2015. Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin, it is an operating system that works through Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

On the other hand, Ethereum does not have a centralized system, it is the opposite. Therefore, no company or person controls or regulates the mechanisms of its system. You wonder how is psobile? Simple, the algorithm, like bitcoin is free, that is to say open source and thanks to this system it does not need a central server, it is more it was created with that purpose that its security network would work under that of all the computers where it is will execute an ETH transaction, generating great similarity with the blockchain system.

Through smart contracts you can run your business on this platform. These contracts may contain their own rules that both parties agree to. This platform was born in order to grant its users the elimination of intermediaries to be able to acquire something and the smart contract makes it possible.
The financial transactions of your operating system are executed by means of ETH. It is your payment system and it works like cryptocurrency.

advantages of using the Ethereum operating system

• Economic.
• It is developed with open source.
• The smart contract modality allows its users to have a guarantee of their operations.
• It is not regulated by government entities, institutions, companies, among others.
• Difficult to counterfeit.

Finally, this platform and cryptocurrency have attracted many interested parties who currently have their service. Ethereum allows its users to make transactions in their cryptocurrency, in addition to generating contracts through applications without intermediaries