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How To Apply SEO in Digital Marketing

digital marketing seo

There are infinite methods to create optimal sites and web pages. This optimization system tries to obtain a good organic positioning, creating a good organic traffic and have a domain on a website at once. Digital marketing companies are avaricious when injecting and investing, so your brand or website must apply SEO correctly to improve their positioning. It is extremely evident that all entrepreneurs want clicks and visits on their site.

However, being on the internet all day does not guarantee your website to be visited or reach the best place in search engines. In this manner, it is fair and necessary to make a strategy that helps a good positioning. At a competitive level, the demands are greater every day and have a more advanced level in the era of digital transformation. In that way, to obtain a better position, a greater effort must be made.


It is about getting to where an entrepreneur wants to go: at the highest level of position, the dream of every investor. According to this, we must know that optimizations must be more innovative every day so they can optimize the reader’s experience. In turn, they become the desired results, appearing in the first search results. That is why we always do our best to search for organic traffic and create valuable content.

Some Things that SEO Consider in Digital Marketing

  • Content quality. In this process, the algorithm verifies and inquiries about the content you make. After that, it tries to maintain a balance between the low value content with the one that has a great value.
    In this way, it seeks to optimize the results that are going to be sent to the reading public. Unquestionably, it is essential to say that, if your content is of great value, there will be a better positioning of your page.


  • Content volume. The amount of content you include will directly influence in the positioning that Google can give you. The appropriate amount of words for your content being acceptable is said to be based on approximately 2,500 to 3,000 words. Nevertheless, this is where you must have a balance of content and organize the good material in your content.
    Google is always looking for the way to have its most appropriate content and to clarify all the reader’s doubts. This will also depend on readers in their search for knowledge, since they are the ones who are going to qualify the content. Even if it is good or bad for them. In fact, the idea is that the reader does not go elsewhere to find information.

Make a Digital Marketing Plan (including SEO)

With this plan, it is sought that the company manages to sell more every day. To achieve this, different marketing strategies are carried out that help its growth. Therefore, to accomplish success, the communicative part, social networks, web positioning, and advertising must be worked together. This given that all of them help us to achieve the dream of success.

In this marketing plan, we must carry out the marketing study, establish the desired objectives, determine the skills in the market, and define the audience we want to reach.  It is also important to stipulate the segment that we are going to establish.

First, Know the Stages of the Consumer

  • You must know the public that is interested in your brand
  • You must keep an eye on potential customers for your company
  • Here, you must work hard on persuasion since there are clients who are interested in your products
  • There are people who will talk about your brand, who will buy it or who simply like it.

Second, Detect the Search Types:

  • Informational: The user is looking for information
  • Transactional: The user is looking to buy.

Third, Establish the Departments to Delegate the Functions:

  • SEO Department. Here we must define the company, define the content and achieve the appropriate optimization for its content, and thus be able to achieve positioning
  • Department of Social Networks. Social networks have become necessary for any investor. For this reason, we must have keep an eye right where the client is
  • Advertising Department (SEM). Establish high impact strategies, such as remarketing
  • Design Department. As one of the most important departments, it designs new creatives and make infographics, which should not be lacking in order to attract the public
  • Video Marketing. Generation of videos both to enhance the message or product on those platforms with a large audience.
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