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The Great Importance of Business Marketing

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When starting a business or a project, the importance of marketing in business development must be considered. It is essential to create a business team that gives the necessary value to the marketing of the company. Its members must be able to reach a good completion throughout the corporate development.

During this commercial development, we must have a highly defined vision and mission. Then, we have to focus on where we are and where we want to go with our project. In this way, it is super evident that strategies and objectives must be developed for a proper execution of the strategy plan.

This corporate image will help us to create the profile of the company. At the same time, we will be shaping the differences that your brand has with other competences. In this manner, it will be based on the values that define your business, so competitive advantages must be developed for the increasing of turnover.

For this reason, the development of marketing in companies is common. In that way, a marketing plan must be started and adapted to the business in which we are working.
In addition something that cannot be overlooked is the development of the logo that will give your business identity.

It is unquestionable that quality would be of great relevance, so it should be pointed out. The prices of the products offered, the quality provided by the services, and the service itself. All of these would lead us to achieve the professional success that every entrepreneur desires.

So, do you want to get costumers?

In this world, we have 2 opposing options which in turn are linked to each other. We have traditional or physical) marketing and online marketing. In both ways, success could be achieved and they can complement each other and get the most out of it.

  • Traditional marketing is about physical actions that will help to improve the corporate image of the company. In this case, it will be in charge of expanding sales as much as possible
  • In online marketing, one is in charge of developing different strategies through the Internet.

About Traditional Marketing

Something that you must be very clear about is that customers will not arrive by themselves. Instead, you should start to move and make yourself known in the workplace. After making the recruitment, you will have to achieve loyalty to your service. For this purpose, I will give you some options that you could apply during this process:

  • Flyers. It is very effective for when you are going to open a store, since the flyers can be distributed throughout the area near the store. By the use of this strategy, you can communicate the different promotions, along with the products that you are going to offer

  • Commercial Visits. You must have a team whose members help you to expand your product or service and thus be able to attract more costumers
  • Telemarketing. This strategic department will conclude the sale of the products offered. Using this tool is money-saving, and effective for attracting customers. We can also carry out this practice via telephone.

About Online Marketing

Being aware in the virtual world is essential for any companies and businesses. This strategy is feasible since it is bidirectional, measurable and very economical.
It should be noted that virtual stores are open 24 hours a day throughout the year, so the customer is not limited.

  • Web Design. This will be the main strategy that will be practiced in social media. It will be the base of all the actions intended to be carried out.
    Additionally, It is highly recommended to use a blog to share new content, since it transmits confidence to your customers
  • Positioning. Your web page can be very well designed and have a very particular style. Nevertheless, if it is not positioned, unfortunately no one will be able to see it. For this simple reason, it will be important that you implement Organic Positioning or SEO. On the other hand, another a good way is to develop paid advertising campaigns on Google
  • Social Networks. It is a complementary and perfect tool to manage in the community in which it is developed, adding value to the product or service. I recommend you to create ad campaigns on social networks and look for the lowermost ones
  • Email Marketing. You must get your costumers’ data regarding their email, being able to send them some of the news of their products and some necessary information.