I invite you to know the differences that exist between an MBA and a degree in Business Administration.

According to their differences, here we are going to explain it to you, it is said that an MBA is a study or rather a master’s degree in the mention of Business Administration and a BBA is a degree in the area of business administration. It can be said that they are two different levels in the Educational branch and at the same time they mark great differences.

Now, taking these aspects into account, the BBA takes 4 years of studies at the university level, while the MBA is achieved after completing the bachelor’s degree. And other differences are cataloged according to the utility that is going to be given to the titles and how you are going to apply it in the labor field.


Teaching Criteria.

In general, the BBA is based on very basic lectures in which the participants listen to the professional experiences of those who will impart knowledge based on lived examples.

In an MBA, the roles are reversed, the integration and participation of the student is what is really fundamental because the information will be emanating from their experiences and transforming it for the needs of the practice.

At this stage, teachers assume the role of facilitator or rather Mentor in order to get the most out of each student. It is about making the most of lived experiences in order to link those common experiences and give you a better vision in the practice or the work field where you work.

How does this work? Individual or Team?

Another great difference that is handled in this study process is that a great balance must be maintained between the development of individual work and in turn in teamwork. As for the BBA degree; here very individual tasks; projects and some test work are developed according to their field of work and in turn a group work is sometimes mixed.

But now we will talk about the MBA degree; in this field teamwork is of vital importance, it is based on a job that is common among students, framing their professionalism.

Some of your Degree Requirements.

To dispel the doubt, we tell you that the BBA is a very traditional degree at the university level which lasts 4 years in its training and must collect at the end of the degree an approximate of 120 credits for its completion. According to all the requirements that must be met, we also have a mandatory stage in which additional courses are added; this can be about art, business or finance and marketing depending on what the student wants.

The MBA is about a shorter period. In this MBA program they have much more variation; but generally it is about passing 30 to 60 credits. If you are a full-time student; they could culminate in a maximum of two years but if you are part-time it could take about 5 years.

How you can use an MBA or a BBA.

There are many companies which require a minimum degree from their employees; but if you aspire to have better administrative positions you must be prepared to present an MBA. With these degrees, many students take advantage of transmitting knowledge in local colleges and universities. At an economic level; those who study an MBA will be able to earn a little more money than those who only have a bachelor’s degree.

However, some MBA graduates are already working on careers; and the higher degree earns them more money in their current position or with a resulting promotion.