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Social Networks and SEO – The Cornerstones of the Online World

social networks seo

In this article, we will talk about the great importance that social networks have in SEO today. This in order to have a broad knowledge about the point that we will talk about. Before anything, we must start by defining what social networks are.

When mentioning or talking about social networks, some well-known platforms automatically appear in our mind, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This topic is easily related to these platforms, due to their constant use nowadays.


Contrary to what one might think, this idea has a well amount of time at stake. It is because, in the 90s, social networks could be seen for the first time on the Internet: a page called SixDegrees appeared in 1997. This network was considered modern for its time since it allowed many users to have a profile. Then they were able to add other people and achieve an interaction with each other. Additionally, the communication through the networks was fluid, which quickly increased its popularity.

In the online world, it is said that basic social networks are classified in different levels according to the use you want to give them. In this way, you can use it on a professional level, also on a personal basis. However, that will depend on what you want to use it.

One of the most concrete ideas is that you can have a virtual interaction with that person you want. Or even with that work group that you manage through the network!
This is a structure created on the internet to be used by natural persons or large organizations. This with the intention of having a direct communication between people or companies in a real time and in a practical way. Everything was meant to save time, space, and offer a timely and truthful response.


Let’s start with the abbreviation SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its meaning would be simple: a set of tools and techniques that help to optimize web pages. Consequently, it helps to increase the traffic of people to the web, improving their positioning in search engines providing a better search with greater efficiency.

If we are talking about giving importance to your business or your company, then you should know about its importance. Applying SEO to your social networks will quickly increase the visibility of search engine positioning.
One of the main objectives is to achieve many visits to our website. As a result, it will help us to obtain the proper positioning within all search engines, including Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


Now that we understand the definition and meaning of social networks and SEO, it is a little easier for us to explain how important social networks are for SEO. In this way, it will be more effective for you to understand the meaning and the objective we want to reach with the article.

It is true that social networks are currently a great tool and mega important in SEO. Notwithstanding, we have already said that SEO tries to position your page within search engines. As a consequence, it would achieve one of the first 3 places in search engines so that people interact and enter the page.
Achieving a good positioning and making our page viral will help us to increase visits by obtaining organic traffic. Subsequently, we are climbing to a better positioning in search engines.


Day by day, it is transforming and in turn the networks are being used more every day due to the capacity they can have. This as well as to what they can achieve to viralize anything in a few hours. Without a single doubt, it is a huge (and useful) monster to visit.

According to the aforementioned, a good SEO positioning depends on meticulous eye-catching strategies so that campaigns can be successful and obtain adequate results. Social media also plays a big role in SEO’s success. Definitely, there are almost infinite factors that make you achieve success in the social networks.

Until a while ago, the Google algorithm valued the keyword system and the content that you managed. Nevertheless, it is vital to say that some changes have occurred and now the content must be more relevant and of great value.


Currently, a fundamental characteristic is that users can make quality content according to the level of demand that is proposed. This with a view to achieve personal satisfaction and, on their side, their followers can rate them with interesting content.

If you are still one of the people who does not have visitors, I advise you to go on creating content of great interest. If you do, you will scale and get a suitable positioning on social networks, without forgetting to practice SEO.

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