BITCOIN vs ETHEREUM: The Rivalry of 2022




Bitcoin and Ethereum are the main digital currencies for excellence. They are used to provide certain services such as high value contracts and transactions. In this way, they both have revolutionized the world of cryptocurrency, which is why great advances are expected in these two platforms. This has made them constantly expect which one will make a big difference, despite the fact that both have similar characteristics.

Ethereum and Bitcoin technologies work similarly, yes. Nevertheless, there are some differences that characterize each one in its objective. For example, Bitcoin specifically uses a system with blockchain technology which consists of enabling online payment. On the other hand, the Ethereum blockchain explores the properties of digital currency. This by enabling the execution of codes to automate certain results and transactions in decentralized applications.

Will the Value of Bitcoin Grow in 2022?

The value and capitalization of this cryptocurrency is estimated to rise by almost 72.8% by the end of this new year. As a reference, in July 2021 its value was contemplated at USD 39,775.08, reaching an increase of 46,539.30 USD dollars. This being its highest point so far and giving rise to great expectations for the future value of this currency.

Bitcoin is now one of the major currencies, with a capitalization of US $887 billion, exceeding Ethereum by three times its amount, being the second largest.

Will the Value of Ethereum Grow in 2022?

According to analysts, at the beginning of the first months of this new year it will have certain variations in its price, reaching $3,110 as its lowest peak. And closing the year with an increase in its value of up to $4,000. With this, Ethereum is marking the beginning of its best moment and therefore entering into competition with the current value of Bitcoin.

Which One will Be More Promising?

Ethereum revolutionized the cryptocurrency market with Smart Contracts, which makes this currency more dynamic. As this new modality becomes popular, it could surpass the number one position of Bitcoin, leaving it in second place due to its lack of innovations. However, Ethereum will have to correct certain options, so people can become more familiar with it in order to secure the number one position globally.

On the other hand, let’s suppose that Bitcoin creates new innovations in its operating mode. If that ends up being the case, it will continue to be in the first place, since it is even better known. For that reason, it may have a greater advantage. This because Ethereum’s popularity began to rise barely like in 2018-2019.

Will ETH Manage to Surpass BTC by The End of This New Year 2022?

Over time, Ethereum has managed to touch the highest standards of its cryptocurrency, increasing its value over the years. Indeed, it is estimated that its currency will grow even more by 2022, also giving credit to its technological advances.

However, the expectations released by experts ensure that Bitcoin will exceed these standards more than Ethereum. This given that it has a longer history, it is better known and its system is far more preferred by the audience. On the other hand, Bitcoin will have to innovate so that it can remain as the number one cryptocurrency.

Expectations for Ethereum

This year, it is expected for Ethereum to update its platform and make more innovative changes. As a result, said platform will be transformed into a stake test network that will generate lower energy consumption, unlike the Bitcoin’s tests verification works.

This change will be made to attract more attention and also create ecological awareness. Conversely, this will give Ethereum a great advantage to revolutionize the virtual world of cryptocurrency.

Expectations for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has marked a surprising trajectory through time, and it is expected to be one of the best to mark for 2022. This since it began with a legal entity in a Latin American country, being El Salvador the first one to proclaim it as “legal tender.” It positions it as a reliable alternative for a new economy, for which it is expected that several countries will follow the same guidelines.

Likewise, a greater adoption in cryptocurrency systems is expected in a more efficient way and with fewer barriers at the time of entry. This in order to provide a fast but still secure system, with the aim of attracting more companies and more consumers. That will create a significant movement of the activity of digital currencies, ensuring a greater increase in its price as the virtual market grows.

For this reason, Bitcoin is expected to mark a historic moment in terms of the digital economy. This with 2022 being the beginning of this new process, marking one of its best years in its great career.