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Ways to generate money online.

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Ways to generate money online

Generally in the virtual world thousands of people enter in doubt of the reality that is lived today since the internet has become a feasible source of income since it gives you a financial freedom in addition to generating skills in your performance as an entrepreneur of a virtual business.

Generating money online usually converts the idea of each user from a simple salary to generate monthly income that can be done from the comfort of your home or in different places. Mainly it requires time, interest and discipline and the favorite point for users is that it does not require any specific degree or skill, and it is not essential to have some kind of investment.

However, a series of tools are required to start generating money; one of them is a computer, internet, basic skills in terms of web pages, social networks, etc. Likewise, online projects today become the main basis for building economic stability independent of any type of employment that requires full time or safeguard the interests of a boss.

To generate money you must go to entrepreneurship and discipline taking into account that you must choose an area and specialize since there are several ways to generate money both applications and different web with different themes.

7 Applications that allow you to generate money:

Currently, Smartphones have been a great tool for humanity since they allow you to generate income through apps that give the feasibility of accumulating money since they have been verified to help the user to have an independent income.
The diversity of applications consists of mobile advertising as well as market and research applications, any type of app can be downloaded taking into account that there are apps that can be scams.

Some applications:

– Ipoll

It is an application designed for personalized market research in which the way to give income to the user is through market surveys that is aimed at the retail trade. Ipoll provides tasks and missions that must be filled to obtain rewards, each task and mission will be sent through signals. To apply for this app you only need to register basic information about your preferences and habits.

– Bookscouter

This application allows you to get money for selling old or new books online. This application works in conjunction with social networks since to access it you must register using any social network. The way to sell the books relies on the barcode and this will be offered in the most convenient way for the user.

– Money app

Money app has a variety of tasks that allow you to receive payments through a PayPal account. Likewise, this app has a series of rewards for completing tasks that are based on testing products for free, offering opinions, verifying store displays and also playing the different games that are agreed with the app.

– Foap

It is an application designed for photography enthusiasts as they earn extra money by selling their photos of higher quality for these to be valued, such photographs are usually taken from the Smartphone users, you must have a record on the platform to upload photos with label directed either for brands and advertising and marketing agencies.

– Slidejoy

Slidejoy is managed with the lock screens, because this application pays the user to download on their cell phones lock screens which in turn brings several advertisements of various information or interests such as news, advertisers themselves etc.. It is very important to note that their income to withdraw them for the first time requires a waiting time of three months, and this income is passive because everything depends on whether or not you interact with the ads.

– Musely

The way to generate money with this application is practically based on becoming an influencer since you have to create your own store to obtain income of 20 percent according to the sales of the products. Musely is an online marketplace and community application where you can buy organic brands and organic products. This app is governed by organic beauty and home products, it also has many ways to interact with the user because they receive tips and various lifestyle suggestions.

– Userfeel

Userfeel is based on paid tests for visiting and exploring different new websites, everything consists of participating by leaving comments and criticisms and completing the different tasks and usability tests where your test has a time of 10 to 20 minutes.

Ideas to earn money online without any kind of investment.

The virtual world can be started without any investment but it requires time, work, discipline and patience because you can find the way to get independent income one of the ways to earn money:

1. money through email:

It is possible to get money through this method because only with an email address will allow you to fill out a series of surveys that does not require much time with only 5 minutes to devote is feasible all falls on the time you want to invest to get better benefits.
To register in pages that send to a mail all the surveys and tasks, they must be answered with things of interest of the user all require to be attended to generate money.

2. Binary options:

It is based on operating about trading are simple and fast operations that you do in the stock market and different brokers, everything requires having a risk management when operating since you invest a capital and you must take care of it, one of the feasible brokers is IQ OPTION, in it is practical since it has a totally free demo account where you can apply various strategies to then operate with a real account and begin to have the benefits. It is essential to obtain knowledge of the stock market to understand which operations to perform and for which currency to buy or sell.

3. Money playing for free:

By means of this method there are many pages that offer you money for applying to online games, by means of gifts and prizes. There are also many free sites where you can bid on sports games and different games of your choice.

4. Affiliate platforms:

Having a website or a blog that contains a lot of traffic can be beneficial because you can register your page on different platforms and you can promote a variety of products, companies, services, which allow you to have income or commissions for these being advertised.

5. Generate money by listening to music:

slice the pie is a page that allows you to get benefits just by listening to albums of bands or singers who want to launch their albums to the market, simply by leaving opinions and just listen to the first 30 seconds generates income, this option is only valid for residents in the United States.


6. Create a blog to generate income:

This is one of the best tools where much potential is placed since the user must express idea and knowledge of a particular topic to be displayed and sent to other readers who will criticize and give their opinion about the work, the blog allows users to demonstrate which pages they work with, the results and products they use.
Generally, the objective of a blog to generate money is that it can get a community of followers who are interested in each special writing that has, being so, the blog can be of different subject matter and generate passive income, a blog can be created on any topic whether sport, cooking, health, games, etc..

7. Promoted pages and social networks:

Nowadays social networks have become a top priority for users;  in addition to becoming a source of extra income. Likewise, there are too many platforms that seek influencers so you must have a good number of followers to promote any campaign or product and this is displayed; also this aspect has marked the life of users since social networks have helped to evolve; the growth of each project and social presence. Promoted pages and social networks work together so that in return you receive an economic remuneration.

8. Teach online classes.

Education has become unattainable since universities have a high cost so you can not opt for one, however; the business of teaching online classes lies in; the idea of promoting the different skills that a user has thus creating an industry dedicated to teaching and other techniques for those who do not have sufficient resources.
This market occurs through platforms such as Udemy where you teach a certain skill or program and generate money per hour.

9. Video platforms such as YouTube.

YouTube has become one of the most used video platforms worldwide, since it consists of creating a channel with any topic of taste and obviously have a success and reach the largest number of subscriptions; making money with YouTube only requires uploading videos that will then be monetized through platforms such as Adsense, machinima and many other platforms.

Other ways to make money online
Each page works individually; so it is feasible to register in each of them; the more registrations the more income possibilities you get.
One of the feasible ways to earn income are:


it consists of a network of people that register in different pages or different organizations that imply in the recommendation of more users since these will be the source of income in an exponential way. The capacity of this business is based on maintaining and taking care of these referrals so that they remain motivated in each program; from each referral a commission is obtained that in each page will be different

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